Wirecast Features And How To Use It

Wirecast Features And How To Use It

What Is Wirecast

Wirecast is a production tool used for live streaming videos.  Created by Telestream, this incredible tool is used by consumers and business owners just like you to broadcast live events, classes, webinars, and so much more from the comfort of their own homes or even on the go.

Telestream did a great job making sure this software was available for both Mac and Window users as well as assure that you are able to stream to many different platforms like Facebook Live and Youtube.  One down side that some users might find to Wirecast would be the internet speed that is generally suggested for a high quality broadcast.


Another unspoken item to think about when using this tool would be the learning curve.  While figuring out how to use Wirecast is no rocket science, it does take a hot minute to configure all the settings and get the hang of.  Beyond that small hang up though, this tool comes highly recommended and can work wonders for live streamers, marketers, and business owners who want to take advantage of this up-and-coming space in the online world known as live streaming.

Wirecast pretty much boils down to this: if you are willing to take the time to learn the software (which is well worth it!), Wirecast is an incredible addition to your business tool belt especially if you are interested in utilizing live streaming for you and your business.


Telestream’s main goal for their product is to “Capture”, “Produce”, and “Stream” and Wirecast succeeds in delivering just that.

Capture. Wirecast allows you to capture many different input devices all the way from cameras, desktops, to web feeds and more.  These features include: unlimited sources, wireless camera app, internet/IP streams, audio/video sync, and even pulling live Twitter feeds directly into your broadcasts.

Produce. You have the power to create beautiful layouts and set ups for your videos and produce high quality content.  These features include: switching, editing, titles, live chroma key, audio mixing, instant replay, ISO recording, virtual sets, and scoreboards.

Stream. Once you have captured and produced your incredible content, now you can easily stream them to many different platforms.  These features include: stream to anywhere, high quality streaming and recording, GPU-accelerated encoding, and local program output feed.


Wirecast has many different recommended uses and they fall under these five categories:

  1. News / Sports
  2. Eductional
  3. Gaming
  4. Houses of Worship
  5. Live Events / Entertainment

With so many different options and ways for you to utilize live streaming for your business, the possibilities are endless when it comes to applying Wirecast and it’s amazing features to your projects.

What I Use Wirecast For

I personally use Wirecast for my business and in my marketing strategies!  One of my absolute favorite ways to do so includes the new and upcoming Facebook Live.  I love to recommend to my clients and peers to use live streaming to both get their name and brand out their to the world and practice being in front of the camera and going live.  Both have massive benefits for your business and most who add this strategy to their businesses see results almost right away.

You can easily do a quick 5-20 minute live stream video on Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab, or even Youtube to share your thoughts and knowledge with your audience, gain their trust, and even move them to convert into a sale later on down the road.  What better way to broadcast to these platforms with your message than with Wirecast?


An image from one of my live shows on We Mean Business using Wirecast to stream directly to Facebook Live.

How To Get Wirecast

After learning all you can about Wirecast and it’s fabulous features, are you just dying to get it for yourself?  If you want to learn more or get additional information you can at Telestream’s website.

Get Wirecast by clicking here. 

Get started with a free trial to test out the software for yourself and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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