Complete Guide of Video Content Types Every Business Should Try at Least Once

Complete Guide of Video Content Types Every Business Should Try at Least Once

So, you're doing your research and trying to decide if creating videos is the best way to promote your brand?  Great!  Now all you have to do is figure out what type of video is best for you to help highlight your businesses best traits and push audience members to become life long customers.

Use this guide to learn thirteen different video types for business you could be using to market and promote your business or brand.  You'll learn what the different videos are, how long they should be, how much they might cost for you to outsource (or create yourself), what funnel stage they are most appropriate for, and what channels you should use to distribute them to your audience.

Let's get started!

13 Video Types to Use for Your Business

video types for business live video

1. Live Videos & Broadcasts

These videos are great for engaging with your audience and building a relationship with them so that they become potential customers for your business.  There are many different platforms you can use to both host a live broadcast as well as build an audience.  Facebook Live or Periscope are recommended for live video production.

Some brands take a step further and schedule a regular show on these channels (Facebook and Periscope) where they perform tutorials, demonstrations, and trainings for their audience.  These can not only be entertaining and beneficial for your followers, but also a great opportunity for you to pitch your product or service to those who are already interested in what you're doing as a brand.

Optimal Length: 10-15 minutes
What They Cost: $0 (if you set them up yourself)
Funnel Stage: Traffic
Distribution Channels: Social

video types for business team video

2. Team & Introductory Videos

These videos do well on the about pages of your website.  In the content, you want to share who your team is, what is the culture of your brand, and any other key points that define you as a business.  You can also reuse this video and share it on your social media accounts as well as in an introductory email that you send to any new list subscribers.

Answer these questions in your video: Who are you?  What major problem(s) do you solve with your product or service?  And what is your "why" behind building the business to begin with?

Optimal Length: 1-3 Minutes
Funnel Stage: Conversion
Distribution Channels: Website, Social, Email

3. How To / Information

Brands can easily stand out from their competitors by showing that they are the industry leaders.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating valuable content on a regular basis.  How to videos and tutorials that relate to your product or service are a great way to share information with your audience and potential customers that will help push them towards buying from you.

Optimal Length: 3-15 Minutes
Funnel Stage: Traffic, Conversion & Retention
Distribution Channels: Website, Email, Social, Youtube

video types for business camera lense

4. Product Demos

Show off your product and all of its features with a product demonstration video.  These types of videos are meant to help educate your customer and audience members to help them understand your brand and product benefits better.  Use this video on your website sales page, social media accounts, Youtube, and even as a personal message to a potential customer who has questions about the product itself.

Optimal Length: 2-5 Minutes
Funnel Stage: Traffic, Conversion, & Monetization
Distribution Channels: Website, Email, Social, Youtube, & Private

5. Advertisement or Commercial

When you need to reach your ideal, target customer, it's best to figure out the best messaging that they will relate to as well as understand.  Using this type of messaging that’s related to your customer is best used within an ad or commercial video.  Once created, you can then use it to promote to your audience via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Youtube ads, Google ads and much more.  While paying for traffic doesn't always seem ideal for a budget, it is still one of the best ways to reach your perfect customer -- and using video within that advertising is a fantastic way to increase conversions of that ad!

Optimal Length: Varies by audience and platform
What They Cost: $1,000 (for 1 minute)
How Long Do They Take: 6-8 Weeks
Funnel Stage: Traffic & Conversion
Distribution Channels: Social and Youtube

6. Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video shares your marketing pitch to your audience to help promote sales of your product or service.  You want your message to be clear and concise in all of your marketing videos, this one is no exception!  To have an animated explainer video created for you, you will need to be prepared with a storyline, a script for the audio, and the overall goal of what you will be using your video for.  These types of videos are very popular for businesses and are fairly easy to have made and are ideal to help a customer make a decision to buy from you.

Optimal Length: 1 Minute
What They Cost: $500 - $3,000
How Long Do They Take: 8-12 Weeks
Funnel Stage: Conversion & Monetization
Distribution Channels: Website, Social, Youtube, & Private

7. Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Do you have testimonials or reviews that your past customers have sent to you or left on your Facebook page?  It's even better if you can get those reviews on video!  Reach out to your past customers and see if they would be willing to record their experience with you on video (nothing too fancy or too lengthy!) and then share that story with the rest of your audience.Because what's better than you talking about how amazing your brand is?  Your previous customers backing you up!

What's better than you talking about how amazing your product is?  A video of your past customer backing you up! #videotestimonials

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Optimal Length: 30 Seconds - 1 Minute
What They Cost: $0 (without any professional editing)
Funnel Stage: Conversion
Distribution Channels: Website, Email, Social & Private

8. Culture Videos or Company Storytelling

Culture videos are a great way to show off your team and brand philosophy.  The messaging that you use in this video will help your ideal target customer relate to you, your story, and who you are overall as a brand.  This type of video works great on an about or home page of your website to showcase the core values and beliefs that are built into the foundation of your business. 

Optimal Length: 3 - 10 Minutes
Funnel Stage: Conversion
Distribution Channels: Website & Social

video types for business comercial

9. Retention Videos

You may find, as a business, that retaining customers can sometimes be just as much work (if not more) as getting them in the first place.  Creating content (particularly in video format) can be a fantastic way to help engage your customers and keep them coming back for more.  These videos can include answers to commonly asked questions from your customers, sending personal messages to new customers to help onboard them, and more.

Optimal Length: 1 - 3 Minutes
Funnel Stage: Retention
Distribution Channels: Website & Email

10. Vlogs (Video Blogging)

Vlogs are a popular and ever-growing type of content that more and more businesses and influencers are taking advantage of.  By creating regular video content (video blogs, essentially) that your audience and community love, you can show off your expertise as a brand.  This is also a great opportunity to highlight your brand qualities and product features that integrate well with the type of content topics that you should be creating.

Optimal Length: 5 - 15 Minutes
What They Cost: Usually done in-house
Funnel Stage: Traffic
Distribution Channels: Website, Social, & Youtube

video types for business social media

11. Social Media Content

While repurposing other video content for you social media accounts is a great way to promote and share your business on different platforms -- it can also be beneficial to create video content that is specifically made for the social channels.  Taking advantage of social media's viral and sharing capabilities, you can gain more exposure for your brand!

Optimal Length: Depends on the platform
What They Cost: Usually completed in-house
Funnel Stage: Traffic
Distribution Channels: Social

12. Webinars / Training Classes

The key to webinars is getting enough sign ups and attendees.  Once you've created an interest within your audience to join the webinar (live or evergreen), you can then proceed to train them on a specific topic related to your business.  Webinars are generally used to both educate and promote a product or service at the end.  While getting enough sign ups and attendees can sometimes be difficult, the conversion rate (if done right!) is usually pretty high for this type of video content.

Optimal Length: 30 - 90 Minutes
What They Cost: Price of tools that are used for hosting and follow ups
Funnel Stage: Traffic, Conversion & Monetization
Distribution Channels: Website, Email & Social

video types for business personal message

13. One to One Personal Messages

Directly sending a video message to your individual audience members or customers can be extremely beneficial!  This not only creates a unique bond with that person, but it is also a great opportunity to move them forward in your sales funnel as they are more likely to take action with you.

Although one to one personal messages can be a great tactic for businesses to use when it comes to building relationships with its customers, it can also be one of the more time consuming video types.

Optimal Length: 1 - 3 Minutes
What They Cost: Time 🙂
Funnel Stage: Conversion & Retention
Distribution Channels: Email

Did any of these video types stand out to you?  The best thing you could do for your business is try out a few of them and go from there!  Videos are an incredible way to engage with your audience, show customers that you care, and move potential clients further down your sales funnel.  While videos can be one of the most time consuming pieces of content, they are (more often than not!) one of the most beneficial.

Don't have the time to create these videos yourself?  Reach out to our team and receive a quote for your next video project!

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