The Trials and Triumphs of Being an Entrepreneur

The Trials and Triumphs of Being an Entrepreneur


As I sit here, working on what seems like a million different projects, this is what my failures have included in just the past few weeks as an entrepreneur:

  • A contest FULL of amazing value that is not getting the reception and entries that I had hoped for
  • Being hard on myself for not doing daily live videos even though that is my passion
  • Pricing for a physical product I’m working on coming in WAY over the price point I need it to be
  • Some stalling on my list growth

Some would say, “Give up already, Alessandra! Obviously this business thing is not for you. Go get a job.” There are times when the “people” saying that is actually my own self talk. I’ll think to myself that maybe I am not cut out for another business even though I’ve had success before. But instead of heading to polish off my resume, I pick myself up and dust off the fear, the doubt, the failures. You know why? Because we are ALL meant for something greater. Something that doesn’t come easy (Pssst, the secret is that nothing worth having is ever easy).

Business = Your Own Terms and Potential

Being an entrepreneur is the best way I have ever seen of shattering the glass ceiling of potential. No more of someone else telling you what you are worth or how much that can increase based on a spreadsheet of numbers being run by people who don’t even know how much you are contributing to their bottom line. I’ve been there, you’ve probably been there. No matter how many hours you put in, the variables of how much you could grow and earn in your career is often dictated by company politics and performance reviews. Maybe you even like your job, but those facts mentioned above still remain.

Yet, let me repeat it again: Nothing worth having is ever easy. 

Going Back to Square 1 to Fast Track to Square 100

For most people, a career is a formula that goes like this: Go to school, start a job at the entry level, and grow into progressive promotions over the course of 40 years of working. But it’s not a linear line as most people think. In many professions, salary increases stall out in mid 30’s to mid 40’s. At that point, inflation still continues to rise as does cost of living and a looming retirement (now at an all-time high at an average retirement at 62 years old). It’s not an easy path either.

So, what if I told you that in order to have a possibly more linear path, one that would have much higher possible increases in your earning potential, you had to go back to square 1? What if you could make the same amount over that same 40 years as your lifetime job income, but have flexibility and be your own boss? What if you could make twice as much (or 5x or 10x) as what you would make in your lifetime in a job? Sounds great, right?! Sign me up. And that, is why I am on this path of being an entrepreneur (again).

Your Fears are as Big as You Make Them

Maybe you’re super cautious, maybe you’re not. Me, I’ll jump out of a plane, no problem. My husband, he likes to minimize risk. I don’t see us going tandem skydiving together anytime soon. 🙂 BUT, the funny thing is we ended up starting our businesses within just months of each other recently. And yeah, we have some “parachutes” in case it takes longer for our business to take off. That doesn’t make it free of fear. The more I read about successful entrepreneurs, the more I realize the common thread is there were moments where they were terrified, but pushing through that fear led them to later being multi-millionares. Sounds worth the risk and the effort, right?

You Are Completely Capable of Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

You will have fears. Do it anyway and LEARN from any mistakes.
You will doubt yourself. You are 100% capable of succeeding.
You will do things that don’t work. It’s okay, keep going and some things WILL work.

I’m here rooting for you. Make sure you surround yourself with others who want you to win. We’ll be cheering you on and one day we’ll say, “Remember when you first started your business and you had so many fears? You conquered them all and success has been your reward.”

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    Posted at 08:52h, 26 July Reply

    Great article Alessandra. Inspiring!

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