4 Powerful Strategies & Marketing Trends

4 Powerful Strategies & Marketing Trends

Marketing your business and getting in front of new customers is vital to being successful.  With so many different strategies, platforms, and ways that you can market your business, which is the right way to go?  Because there are so many options available now, how do you know which one is right for your business and will provide the results that you’re looking for?

It’s more important than ever to pay attention to marketing trends and strategies that other businesses are taking advantage of and getting results from so that you can mimic and do the same!  In this post we will cover four unique marketing trends and strategies that you can use to gain more exposure for your business and increase your bottom line.

marketing trends in 2018


Here are four different trends that you should be paying attention to as a business owner or marketer.  We’ll cover what the trend is, what different strategies you can utilize to take advantage of that trend, and why they’re each important to try out at least once for your own company


An industry leader (or “thought leader”) is a person or a business that has a lot of authority and sway within a community or their own audience.  Becoming the industry leader within your own niche or space is an incredible way of growing your business and attracting more of your ideal target audience to you -- versus constantly chasing after them.

Becoming an industry leader does take a lot of hard work and can take time, but it is certainly worth it.  The attention that you could have from being an industry leader is so beneficial to a business!

Becoming a Media Company

There is a major trend that is going around in the online space right now that says that you absolutely must be a media company first before anything else.  Whether you sell a product or a service, it’s so important to know how to actually sell that product and get in front of your customers!

Understanding that creating content (video, written, audio, or otherwise) and providing value through that content for your audience is a fantastic way of converting more sales and bringing more potential customers into your pipeline.  By becoming a media company you are pushing your team and business to reach your customers in the way that they want to be reached. By going where they are and (as we mentioned before) providing them with an immense amount of value that is related to your product or service!

Becoming a media company is a great way to grow your influence, build a strong audience, and be a leader within your industry.

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Really Paying Attention to the Top of the Funnel

The “top of the funnel” is where you first make contact with your potential customers on the platforms that they most spend their time on.  This is generally done through your social media accounts, search engine optimization, and other channels where you’re gaining exposure in front of your target audience.

By really paying attention to the top of your funnel, you’ll likely notice that there are a lot of ways that you can improve (or simply optimize) your efforts to reach a larger audience and build your community. We’ll talk more on building a community next!

Build up That Community Around Your Brand

Communities are generally built on the platforms that your target audience are most active on.  This could be in the form of a Facebook group, an Instagram account, or even a podcast. Authenticity and engagement are the two biggest factors that you should take note of when it comes to growing your community quickly, and also making sure it’s a strong following.

The more people you are able to reach on a regular basis, the more you will be able to convert and start working down your sales funnels.  This potentially means more sales and an overall better business model.

When you work hard at becoming an industry leader, you’ll find that it can truly be rewarding and beneficial!  By building up an influence over others, you can call upon them and move them to action towards your own business goals.  Bring value to your community and to those who follow your brand and they’ll likely inadvertently return the favor!

marketing trends in 2018


Now that we have worked on being an industry leader, it’s important to build a strong foundation that you can stand upon!  Another great trend that many businesses are taking advantage of is building a solid brand. There are a few ways that you can do this, and we’ll talk about them here.

Storytelling at It’s Finest

Ah storytelling… This is likely one of the most powerful ways that you can not only reach a new audience, but convince them that you’re the person that they should be following and buying from!  By telling your story and sharing the values that you have as a brand, you’ll naturally be attracting your true tribe to you like a moth to a flame!

Why does this work so well?

Simply put, it makes people feel good.  When you can provide content that your audience can relate to and resonate with, it generally makes them feel more comfortable around your brand.  This will also make them feel happy because they are able to find other people (and companies!) who feel the same way they do and believe in the same values they do.

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool and trend that every brand should be paying attention to.  It’s a skill that most business owners need to learn but it’s one that will be totally worth it if you do!

Transparency.. It’s Key

Having transparency in your business means being open and (on some level) vulnerable to both your audience and those within your team.  This doesn’t necessarily mean to put your business at risk and expose yourself, but instead to communicate well within your team and show both them and your audience that you care about them and allowing them to be a part of your overall business processes.

Another key to being transparent is accountability.  By sharing your goals, who you are, and what you want to become with everyone involved, you’re holding yourself (and your team) accountable to do the thing you say that you will!

A businesses transparency can be identified through a few key ways.  This includes how they share their visions and goals, they make important documentation and policies publicly available and accessible, and they’re honest when they make a mistake or don’t withhold information that is important for their customers to be aware of.

A great way to tell if a business is being honest and transparent is through their social media.  You can use social media to your own advantage and build trust with your audience, potential customers, and even current customers.  Utilize these amazing platforms and channels to increase your engagement and to grow relationships with the people who are going to help you grow your business.

Overall, building a solid brand could potentially mean future success for an up and coming business.  If you take the time to work on these key points like storytelling and transparency, then you’re already building a strong foundation for your business to build upon!

marketing trends in 2018


Ok so let’s be honest here… You can’t actually take control of time.

It’s uncontrollable -- plain and simple!

That said though, there are many different tools and strategies you can use to save time or make it work in your favor.

Next we’ll talk about how you can use tools like chatbots and automations, strategize and look at the bigger picture, and even hire the right people to really help start taking control over your time and (in the end) making a huge impact on your business.

Try Integrating Chatbots

Oh, yes… We love our chatbots!  And we aren’t alone, because this is becoming a major trend for marketers and consumers alike.

Chatbots are incredibly beneficial for businesses because they not only save you time with reaching your target audience, but it can also provide more value to them!

Let’s explain this a bit more...

Integrating chatbots and automations into your business can allow your audience to reach you around the clock, 24/7.  If you set up your chatbot correctly, it can answer their commonly asked questions, help them get to the person or place they need to be, and even provide value by offering targeted advice / tips that apply to what they need help with.

What’s better, you can give them the help they need right away and follow up with them to make sure they were taken care of or provide additional information or content for them to use that is related to what they initially reached out to you for.  All this, and you didn’t even have to lift a finger!

Because the automation is already set up.

One and done, my friend!

So, you think that chatbots are impersonal?  They can understand and get to know your audience just as well as you can and don’t worry, you can always step in to the conversation where needed to make sure your customer can speak with a human whenever necessary.

marketing trends in 2018

Look at the Bigger Picture and Create a Content and Marketing Strategy

Did you know that just by planning out your content and marketing strategy ahead of time, you can save yourself loads of hours and hours of work and struggle?

It’s true!

Simply by taking some time to take a step back and looking at the bigger picture and the overall mission of your business, you can get a clear picture of what direction you need to be taking with your content.

By doing this you may see flaws or holes in your content marketing that you hadn’t before.  You’ll be able to provide value or answer questions that your potential customers are asking over and over again to help move them closer to that final purchase.

What’s fantastic about taking a step back to look at your overall marketing strategy direction and the content that you’re putting out, is you can make sure they’re all moving towards one specific goal.  Stop creating random blog posts, social media images, and Youtube videos that may be related to your industry and start creating targeted content that will move your audience to action and that much closer to becoming a lifelong customer.

This will save you time and provide a higher quality experience for your audience and customers!

Hire the Right People with the Right Strengths

One of the biggest time sucks for your business is going to be the tasks that you either hate doing, or you aren’t good at!  Take some of your time to hire the right people for your team that have strengths that cover your weaknesses. Hand off tasks that you either dislike doing or are slow at finishing, and you might be amazed at not only how much faster that team member will be able to accomplish it for you -- but also how much better too.

Hire the right people with the right strengths and it’ll save you countless hours of time and energy so that you can focus on other tasks and projects that matter.  On the plus side too, this means you can mainly focus on projects that you enjoy doing and cut out all the rest!

When it comes to taking control of your time, there are many different tactics and strategies you can implement.  Some of the best are ones we have included here such as implementing chatbots, creating a content and marketing strategy, and hiring the right members for your team.

Take control of your time (the best you can!) and you’ll likely see a major difference in your business and day to day work.

marketing trends in 2018


Personalizing your business might sound like a weird way to grow your brand and make more sales, but it can be more effective than you might think!  You can personalize your business and set yourself apart from the competition, increase customer engagement, add more quality to your content, and give a bit more life to your overall brand.

Personalization Is What Sets You Apart from the Rest

Nowadays, just about every niche is flooded with some type of competition or another.  You likely aren’t the first person to come up with the type of product or service that you’re providing!  That said though, it is likely that you have some kind of variation, or something that helps you stand apart. This can be a product feature, a service quality, or simply the story behind why you do what you do.

All of these things are unique to who you are as a brand entity, and you should be sharing this with your audience -- because they will eat it up!

Personalization and showing the personality in your business is an incredible way to stand out from your competitors and all the marketing noise that is likely going on in your industry.

What can you say or share with your audience and community to show off your brands personality and presence?  What is your “why” behind what you do? What values and mission do you have for your business? Share it and allow your audience and customers to participate in it with you!

Increase Customer Engagement (As Well as Personalization) Using AI

If you haven’t learned more about AI (artificial intelligence) yet and how it can make a difference in your business, then you should.

Using AI to engage with your customers can greatly improve your customer support and their experience with your brand.  You can provide value that is highly targeted and triggered by the customers actions and data that can help them feel cared for and give them the right content that they need to see at the right time.

AI does really well for a business when you give the system as much data and information as you possibly can about your potential and past customers, allowing it to ideally function with your audience!  You can provide this assistance and great service through chatbots, virtual assistants, and other campaign automations that delivers predetermined content to your customer as they go down your sales funnel.

While adding automation and AI’s can greatly enhance your business, it’s important to remember that you’re still talking to actual people.  We’ll talk about that next and how it can also make a big impact on your business.

marketing trends in 2018

You Are Marketing for People (Not Bots)

We’ve mentioned a few times in this article already that you should try implementing more chatbots and AI in your business, but sometimes business owners can get lost from the original goal that they were trying to achieve…

Which is building relationships with actual people.

It’s important to not forget that while automations, AI’s, and chatbots can save you time and even help you to achieve that relationship building goal, it’s still vital to your business that you remember that you’re marketing to people, not robots.

Even if you do use chatbots or other automations, always try your hardest to add personalization and a human’s interactions wherever possible.  Show your customers that you care about them and their overall experience with your brand through not just the words you say in your content, but the actions you take to build a relationship with them.

Remember, you’re marketing to actual people, not to robots.  Bots don’t usually care what you have to sell. 😉

Add in That Personality to Your Brand!

Personality in a brand is one of the absolute best ways to help your business stand out in any industry that you are in!  It'll help set you apart from your competition, increase your engagement with your audience, make stronger connections, and bring a stronger breath of life to your brand that your customers are searching for.

Add personality to your business and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in your bottom line!

Get personal with your customers by showing them that you truly know who they are (through delivering targeted content) and are transparent with them about your brand and why you do what you do.  Adding personality and getting personal with your customers and brand overall can help you stand out and bring you significant growth.

marketing trends in 2018


Whether it’s becoming an industry leader, building a solid brand, taking control of your time, or personalizing your marketing efforts, you’re going to be growing and pushing your business forward in a really positive way!

Which of these marketing strategies and trends are you going to commit to for 2019?

Taking the time to work on at least one of these four strategies can make a major difference in your business.

If you want more great tips and content like this, be sure to check in regularly to our blog and follow us on social media.  If you have questions or want to suggest a blog post for us to create to help you build and market your business, feel free to reach out to us here.

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