The Truth About Hiring a Marketing Dream Team Your Business Needs

The Truth About Hiring a Marketing Dream Team Your Business Needs

Building a marketing team for your business can be a lot of work, particularly when you don’t know where to start or what skill sets you should be looking for in this technological age.  When it comes to gaining more exposure for your business and growing your leads list, having a strong marketing team is vital to the success of your business.

It’s important to keep track of popular marketing strategies and techniques because knowing these will help you to know the right people to hire and implement those strategies for you!

In this article, we’ll discuss all the different job positions you should be looking to fill, what the structure of your team should look like, and how to properly hire (and fire!) the right people for your team.  We’ll break it all down for you so that by the end of reading this, you’ll be ready to get started with hiring your marketing dream team and feel confident about the people that you choose to help you build your business and brand.

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There are five basic steps to hiring the best marketing team for your business, and each one is very important.  Go through each step of this process so that you can get started building your own team or know where to fill in the gaps that your business desperately needs to flourish and get as much exposure as it possibly can.


This is a step in the hiring process that many business owners and hiring executives seem to miss -- and yet it’s the most important one!  Educating yourself on what a business marketing team should look like is vital for you to be able to hire the right people, with the right skill sets.

It’s recommended that you take some time, before hiring a single person (or before hiring your next team member!), to research and outline the different positions that you should be filling within your marketing team.  We’ll cover the marketing team structure you should be looking for within this article, but it’s also a good idea to read up on the specifics of each of these positions.


Let’s go through the different positions within the marketing team structure that you’ll be hiring for.  It’s ideal to break down different areas that can be hired for and understand all the job descriptions that make up that area of your marketing team.  Some of these areas include social media, digital and video production, management, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, content creation teams, and more.

Next we’ll go over the roles that you should work on filling and a brief description of what those jobs are.  This is to help give you a better idea of the type of people you should be looking for within your own company.

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Roles that you should work on filling for a full marketing team:

VP of Marketing - Oversees your marketing team and evaluates all efforts that are made towards furthering your brand awareness and exposure.

SEO Specialists - Completes tasks and projects related to your websites design as well as its content and optimizes its potential to be found within search engines.

Developer - Responsible for completing design and development updates to your website.

Editorial Director - Your editorial director is in charge of the content “bigger picture” for your brand.  They generally manage your content team that consists of a blog editor, video editor, social media manager, and community manager.

Blog Editor - This role is responsible for not just editing and proofreading your blog posts!  A blog editor should also coordinate content that is created and get it scheduled out on the proper platforms for your brand.

Video Editor - Responsible for the editing and production of your videos and making sure that all video content that is created for your business stays true to your brand and overall messaging.

Social Media Manager - Responsible for managing your social media presence, usually manages multiple accounts over different platforms.  If you utilize multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you should leave their management and growth to this team member.

Community Manager - If you have a membership or other business structure that includes a community, then the responsibility of it’s engagement should fall under this role.

Director of Acquisition - In charge of both managing campaigns that promote growth of your business and lead generation as well as the team that produces those results.  You’ll want to find a good director of acquisition who will also come up with new ideas and think outside the box to produce lead growth results for you and your business.

Traffic Manager - Responsible for coming up with strategies and campaigns to get more organic and paid traffic to your brand.

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Analytics Manager - This is a key role within your marketing team structure (and one that is often not filled or overlooked!).  The analytics manager is responsible for keeping track of important analytics and key trends within your business and then coming up with campaigns and ideas that support those results.

Graphic Designer - Responsible for creating graphics for all your channels and participating platforms across the board.  This can include your own blog and website, your brands social media accounts, and even for paid advertising media.

Director of Monetization - Responsible for improving and managing your monetization efforts across all of your platforms and assets that you have within your business.

Email Marketing Manager - Responsible for creating and marketing your business email campaigns and strategies to reach your email list subscribers.

Optimization Manager - In charge of optimizing your efforts in regards to your sales and monetization strategies.


Now that you have a basic idea of all the different roles that you can (and should!) fill within your marketing dream team, now you should take some time to write your own.  This is important because you should include details that are specific to your business and what each role would contribute to build your brand.

Writing your own job descriptions is also beneficial because it starts to give you a better idea of the type of people you want to be looking for when hiring.  It makes it clear what type of skills and characteristics that a person needs to have to make a good member of your team.

Keep in mind that these job descriptions that you’re writing don’t have to be long essays.  All you really need are a few details, bullet points even, to understand what they are in charge of and what their overall role is within your business structure.  Answer the question: how is this person going to contribute to the goals that I have set for my business and brand?

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Many people forget that even though you may put in the time to figure out what team members you need and may even find the right person for the job, you also need to take some time to onboard that new member onto your team.  What does this look like? It’s introducing them to their superiors and team members, helping them to understand who they report to and what is expected of them.

It’s also important to help them feel welcomed!  Helping your new hire to feel a part of the company and like they have a real role in its overall success is an amazing way to get them involved and want to do everything they can to push the needle forward for your business.

Create a process that you will use for new hires so that you know exactly what they need to be informed about and what they need to get started fulfilling their job description.  Provide them with the necessary information they need about the company and the values and goals that you have all set together as a team. This will not only inspire them to do their very best work, but will also save you time and shorten the transition period between them going from being a new hire to becoming a vital member of your team.


It’s time!  Now that you know the skills and characteristics of the team members that you need to hire for your marketing team structure and you have a process in place to get them started within your company, it’s time to get them hired on!

This step in the process can seem daunting at times because there are so many options and ways that you can go about finding the right person for the job, but where do you start?

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Now that you have read through this blog post, you have a basic idea of where you can get started with building your own marketing dream team.  Go through each step and be sure to read through all the job descriptions so that you can feel confident in building a team of your own.

The best way to get started is to simply take action.  If you find that you hire someone onto your team that isn’t a right fit, and while that can be frustrating and time consuming, you can always try again until you find that perfect person that will contribute and add to your overall brand.

Check back for more posts just like this one to learn more about how you can market your business and get the exposure that it deserves.

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