14 Ways to Use Live Streaming for Business

14 Ways to Use Live Streaming for Business

Live streaming is one of the best forms of content right now -- it’s hot, it’s popular, and it’s incredibly useful when it comes to engaging with your target audience.  What more could you ask for as a business owner working hard to gain more exposure for your brand?

This type of video content is incredibly important for businesses to learn and implement in their overall marketing strategy right now for many reasons!

For instance, live streaming videos encourage trust and transparency with your audience and potential customers.  That’s a great way to earn yourself some more sales! Not only is live streaming a great trust builder, but it is also cost effective, encourages engagement, and is easily shared by your audience (which, if done right, will happen a lot!).

Now that you get why live streaming is so important for brands right now, and the benefits of using it, let’s discuss the different ways that you can use live videos for your business...

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14 Ways To Use Live Video For Business

Here are fourteen different ways that you can not only implement live streaming videos into your business, but also examples of how other brands that we have worked with have already done it effectively.  Let’s see if we can inspire some ideas for you to use for your own business!

#1 Customer Service

Current customers, past customers, and potential customers all likely have questions about you, your product, and/or your services.  Instead of leaving them hanging or answering their questions one at a time, why not jump in front of a camera and answer them publicly?

This could be a great customer service opportunity that you offer to your audience and customers that they are sure to appreciate!  Answering questions and providing information about your product or service is also a great way to make more sales -- you never know if there is just one small question standing in the way of a potential buyer from becoming a lifelong customer.

#2 Updates & Announcements

Keep your customers in the loop and let them know what new features, updates, and announcements you have coming up in a live broadcast.  By providing this information live, you give them an opportunity to ask any questions and show excitement for what's to come. It is also a fantastic way of making them feel a part of what you’re building -- which will only encourage them to want to buy from you even more.

#3 Demonstrations / Product Trainings

Show off how your product or service works with a live demonstration.  This is incredibly effective when it comes to building up more sales because it’ll answer questions your customers already have as well as show off the product and how valuable your brand is.

#4 Live Events

Whether it’s hosting a local event, a new special in-store promotion, or even just celebrating national small business day with your regulars -- hit that broadcast button and share it live!  Those who can’t attend or aren’t local will not only appreciate it, but also be able to participate. The more the merrier! Even if that does just mean adding new attendees virtually.

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#5 Behind The Scenes

Oh boy, behind the scenes!  Some of the biggest brands out there have built up their customers loyalty by showing the process, the grind, the good and the bad… and basically the behind the scenes of the day to day operations!  What better way to help your audience feel a part of your brand and want to come back to buy from you over and over again?

You can show the behind the scenes of your business by showing the process you go through to create and manufacture your product or show what lengths you go to so that you can provide the best care and customer service for your customers.  Have your staff share their favorite things about your brand or working on your team. Share the ups and downs or any new promotions that you have coming up and what it takes to put it all together. Your customers will not only appreciate it, but trust you even more for your transparency!

#6 Promotions

Have a new sale or promotion coming up?  Share it with your audience live! You can do this in a couple of different ways, one is where you share the promotion when it goes lives.  Let’s say you’re running a discount sale for 7 days, you can do a live broadcast on Facebook Live announcing the promotion at the beginning of the week and then possibly do another live at the end of the week to share a final push for the sale.  Another option is to share a countdown to a new product launch or special new feature, sharing the live with the countdown to build anticipation as well as sales.

#7 Reusable Content

This is probably one of the absolute best ways to utilize live content for your business.  When planning out your next live stream, think about what other types of content you will be creating or create regularly.  For example, if you write blog posts or produce Youtube videos on a weekly basis, you could record that same content you have planned for those in a Facebook Live or Youtube Live and then simply edit that content and share it on your blog or channel.  You can also then take that same content that you’ve already recorded, cut it down a bit more, and publish it on your social media accounts. There are many different ways to reuse live streaming content including email campaigns, podcasts, advertising, trainings, courses, and more.

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#8 Host Interviews

Sharing your expertise with your audience is an effective way to build credibility.  Sharing other experts knowledge on your own pages and social media accounts as guests can be just as effective.  Invite experts and influencers in your space to be interviewed in front of your audience to bring them tips and advice in your field to provide value and build rapport with them.

#9 Q&A Sessions

As mentioned before, answering questions and providing high quality customer service for your customers is a fantastic way of building trust and building sales.  You can reach out to your already existing email list or following and ask what questions they have about your product, service, or brand in general. Then you can host a live video broadcast where you answer those questions -- or better yet, take questions live while you’re in front of the camera and with your audience.

#10 Show How The Product Was Created

Walk your customers through the process you went through when creating your product, and what processes you currently go through to have it produced. You can go a step further and turn this into a live series where you show the steps of the process over a few weeks, one broadcast at a time.  This will build anticipation for the next live show you plan on hosting and give you great content to reuse for your website, Youtube channel, and social media.

This is a video that was repurposed into a Q&A training from a live video recorded with Barbara Corcoran.
View more repurposed content videos from this Facebook Live in our portfolio page here.

#11 Trainings & Seminars

Do you have a course you want to eventually create or maybe a membership?  You can reuse your live streaming content, edit it a bit, and then publish it to your membership or as a course for your audience to purchase.  You can also use this opportunity to host live trainings in general to show your audience that you truly know your stuff and are a true expert in your field.

#12 Host A Critique

Maybe there is a complementary product or service that your customers who often buy from you also are interested in.  You can host a critique of the different options of the product and services surrounding your brand to help your customers make the right decisions.  And of course, how do you end your live critique? With a call to action to buy your product to go along with the product / service that you just gave feedback and advice on!

#13 Crowdsource Feedback

If you have a new product, feature, or general promotion coming up, one of the best ways to hone down the details of such a big event is to get customer feedback before hand!  Host a live broadcast (like a Facebook Live) where you talk to your audience, ask them questions, and listen to what they have to say about your upcoming launch or feature that you’re about to add to your current product.  This will not only help you to validate your next move, but it may also give you a few ideas on tweaks you can make to have your launch be even better than what you would have thought of on your own!

BONUS: Run A Contest

This type of live video can sometimes take a bit of work and planning up front -- but it can also be one of the most beneficial!  You can host a contest where you ask past customers to send in reusable user generated content or reviews that you can use for your social media and marketing campaigns.  Or you can give away your product in a live contest which is a great way to build interest in your brand and may also help to build your email list.

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How Will You Use Live Video for Your Business?

There really are so many different ways to utilize live video in your business and to promote your brand!  While some of the ways mentioned above may take a some more effort than others, they can all be beneficial for gaining exposure, growing a following, and building up sales to boost your bottom line.

Have you tried a live video for your business yet?  Give it a try! Let us know what type of live video content you enjoy creating the most and which one has been the most effective for your own brand.

Want to reuse the content of one of your past live videos?  Our skilled team can do the work for you! Talk to our bot about the type of project you want to work on and get a customized quote for your next video.

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