What Is an Animated Explainer Video and How to Use It for Business

What Is an Animated Explainer Video and How to Use It for Business

If you want to grab your potential customers and audiences attention while also sharing your business idea or pitch, then an animated explainer video is a fantastic solution.  In this post, we will cover what an animated explainer video is, how to use it for your brand, and whether or not this is the right type of video you should be creating to market your business.  You may be surprised to find out how valuable this one piece of content can be and how many ways you can benefit from it.

What Is an Animated Explainer Video

What is an animated explainer video exactly?  This particular type of video shares your marketing pitch to your audience to help promote sales of your product or service -- but it does so in an entertaining and engaging way.

The message must always be clear and concise in all of your marketing videos, this one is no exception!  These types of videos are very popular for businesses and are fairly easy to have made. They are ideal to help a customer make a decision to buy from you.

Above is an example of an animated explainer video created by our team.

The message must always be clear and concise in all of your marketing videos #videomarketing

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How to Use an Explainer Videos for Business

Purpose of the Video

The sole purpose of creating and sharing an explainer video with your audience is to both present information about your business while also keeping them engaged.

Optimal Video Length

While the best video length of any marketing video often depends on the audience of that business and the channels that it will be distributed on, animated explainer videos do have an optimal length.

It’s recommended that you keep your video to approximately 60 seconds.  Though going a little over or under this duration is obviously ok, you don’t want it to get out of hand and become too long.  After writing a script for your video (something we’ll go over next!), you should read through it a few times while timing yourself.  You will likely have to adjust the script multiple times to get it the length you want it to be at.

animated explainer video script image

What You'll Need

Next, let’s go over what you’ll need in order to create an explainer video.  To have an animated explainer video created for you, you will need to be prepared with a storyline, a script for the audio, and the overall goal of what you will be using the video for.  Each of these items are fairly important as they will determine the final product and effectiveness of your video when you display it before your audience.

Funnel Stage to Use It For

While some video types work best for traffic or retention, animated explainer videos are best used for converting audience members into email list subscribers and also for monetization.

Within your video, you can explain why your product or service stands out from others like it and share why it is worth paying for.  This particular video type tends to be very engaging (if done right) and therefore you should take advantage of your audience's attention and share with them what value you believe your brand to have.

Ideal Distribution Channels

Explainer videos have a wide range of uses and are best used for websites, social media and your Youtube channel if you have one.  You can also use this video to provide information to a potential customer who has questions about buying your product or working with your brand and send it to them privately.  Animated explainer videos work well on many different distribution channels.

Is an Animated Explainer Video Right for You?

While you may not have the skill or know-how for creating animated videos, you may find yourself wondering if paying to have one made is worth it.  This decision is, of course, yours alone to make as a business owner or marketing specialist -- though it is important to note that animated explainer videos do indeed have a lot of benefits and can be used to reach audiences on many different platforms.

Want to have an animated explainer video created for you?  We have a skilled team ready to work with you on your next project to help reach more audience members and convert them into paying customers who value what you do!

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