Influence Buzz Marketing Agency

Building a business from the ground up means wearing many different hats.  As an entrepreneur, leader, and CEO, you have to be able to manage time, skills, and see the bigger picture.  At Influence Buzz Marketing Agency we understand this need and our main goal is to make the process of building a business and gaining exposure to it as simple and pain free as possible for you.

With a focus on video production and marketing, we are here for you and the business you have put so much effort into perfecting.

We help you achieve “maximum exposure, with a process.”


Alessandra Colaci


Alessandra is a live streaming and social media strategist, and the founder of Influence Buzz. She works with businesses to help them increase their visibility and develop unique content for live streaming, social media, and online marketing.

Specializing in online marketing for 15 years, Alessandra was previously the founder of a startup that was among the first to provide apps for social media sites and profiles. The site was named in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 most visited app sites worldwide, with over 21 million monthly visitors.

Alessandra is recognized as an innovator, thought leader, and national speaker on topics such as mobile, social media, startups, and technology. Past clients include national brands and Fortune 500 companies such as: Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Seventeen Magazine, Sirius XM, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, E! News, MTV, and more.