5 Ways to Stick to Your Business Goals

5 Ways to Stick to Your Business Goals

For millions of people, each new year kicks off the same way: making resolutions. For some it is to lose weight, while others might pledge to get organized. The key to maintaining these resolutions and making progress are to utilize the age-old methods of goal setting and accomplishing core business goals. This is your year for more success in your business, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur.

Create an Overall Theme

What is the ONE thing that is most important for your business this year? If you focus on an overall theme that describes in 1 word what you want to get out of this year, it will be easier to create goals that align. For example, mine is visibility. Visibility is my overall theme. My secondary focus within that is list building, so that as I become more visible in the online community, I can continue the conversation and build the relationship via email.

Whenever I set a goal or work on a task, I can ask myself:

“Does this contribute to my visibility (overall theme)? If so, does it help build my list (secondary theme)?”

When the answer to that question is, “Yes, it contributes to the overall theme.”, then it is a good goal to work on. Not everything has to also be a “yes” to the secondary focus, but the balance should be that enough tasks also fit within a secondary focus in order to make progress on the right tasks and sub-focus points that lead up to the overall theme.

So, what does this look like in practice?

Overall theme = Visibility
Secondary themes (have 3 at most) = Being on podcasts, building a list, doing webinars.

Here are some possible themes, or feel free to make up your own:
Confidence, Revenue, Networking, Conquer, Video, Social, Branding, Visibility, Build.

Action item: Choose an overall theme

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Set 90 Day Goals

Often, I will try to plan the entire year all at once, at least at a high level. What I learned from Todd Herman in The 90 Day Year is that thinking of the full year instead of 90 day increments can cause overwhelm. Also, when you work in 90 day parts, you can more easily adjust as things work or don’t work.  Setting business goals that are built around a 90 day time frame can be very beneficial for your business and help you measure successes as well as where you can improve.

Action item: Plan out your first 90 days 

Allow for Change

In a perfect world, everything would go exactly according to plan for our business. In reality, things can get thrown off when we least expect it. Being an entrepreneur is exciting because the future is wide open and you are ultimately in control of what you make of it.

The key to continuing momentum is to allow fluidity and to “go with the flow”. If you get too emotionally affected when things do not go according to plan, it can stop or slow your progress. Adjust your course while keeping the goal in mind. Each step towards your goal is a learning experience and still moves you forward, regardless of the outcome.

Image from nerdfit.tumblr.com

Image from nerdfit.tumblr.com

Action item: Write down something that didn’t go as planned, and rip it up

''Strive for progress, not perfection.'' -Unknown Click To Tweet

Have an Accountability Partner

As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes have an “I can do everything all by myself.” type of attitude. You’re certainly capable of a lot more than you even dreamed, but it helps to be able to have someone else that champions our goals and holds us accountable. Be on the lookout for possible accountability partners in friends, fellow business people, or coaches. Another way of building accountability with like minded people is to create or join a mastermind.

For me in the past year, it has helped tremendously to have people like my friend Allie McAdam, who is in a similar early stage of her business like me. We met through a mastermind and it has been such an encouragement to be able to share struggles and triumphs. And speaking of triumphs…

Action item: Select an accountability partner 

Celebrate Your Wins

Does your week as a business owner sometimes looks like this? Work, work, work, work, work, work, get a little sleep, work, work, work. Much like being in a corporate environment, it can start to feel like rinse and repeat. If you’re able to find the joy and excitement in what you are doing, you will be much more motivated to continue working towards your goals. Set rewards for mini goals and large goals.

When you reward yourself for a job well done, it reignites your passion and energizes you to work on the next goal. Plus, you can even set rewards with your accountability partner so that you can both celebrate achieving goals together. Group trip to the Bahamas, anyone?

Action item: Plan what win you will celebrate for this month 

Tools to use:
24 Me

What Are Your Business goals?

Comment below with your business goals and how you plan to stick to them!  Let’s all create accountability for one another and make huge strides in our businesses this year!

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